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Shop our line and leader for saltwater fishing.

The Tackle Room carries mono, fluoro, wire, and cable.

Line and leader for saltwater fishing comes in many varieties, brands, and price points.  We currently offer leader material from Malin, AFW, Grand Slam, Momoi, BAM, Seaguar, and our own stainless cable by the foot.  Mono is the most economical option, but sometimes, you need to be a bit more stealth.  When presentation is of utmost importance, you may want to use fluorocarbon leader.  We’ve also got wire leader for toothy critters like King Mackerel or Wahoo, and cable by the foot for making stiff rigs and other heavy duty applications.  If you’ve got some questions about the right leader for your job, shoot us an email, give a call, or hit us up on live chat.

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