How to Tie a Perfected Albright Knot

Perfected Albright Knot is compact and strong

Learning how to tie the Perfected Albright is easier than you may think!

Our quick how-to vid shows the ins and outs of how to tie a Perfected Albright. It’s a great knot for attaching leader to mainline, ie: joining mono or fluoro to braid. This knot is strong and fairly simple to tie. Watch our vid and you’ll have it down in no time.

Among the benefits of the Perfected Albright Knot are it’s relative ease of tying and the fairly small profile it has once complete. Smaller knots like this run through guides easier and with much less friction than bulky knots. This is great because it reduces the chances of your connection getting hung up and potentially costing you a fish. The other big benefit of the Perfected Albright is that it’s very strong.

Check out the video below to learn how to tie this knot. If you’ve got any questions, please call, email, or live chat us. We are happy to help.