How to Clean Saltwater Fishing Rods and Reels

Clean your Rods after Use in the Saltwater

Eliminate corrosion and keep your saltwater fishing gear working smoothly

We get asked a lot about the best way to keep gear in tip-top shape after a day in the salt. Liberal use of soap, fresh water, and patience will help you keep your gear clean. Use this handy how-to as a reference while Matt from The Tackle Room explains it all.

Cleaning Your Saltwater Reel

While fishing, spray the reels with fresh water or dunk it in a bucket of fresh water. After that, gently wipe dry the reels to get rid of excess salt buildup and avoid saltwater corrosion. 

Also, after fishing, cut off the section of fishing line you used that day. Then, remove the reels from the fishing rods and carefully use fresh water to rinse the reels and wipe down with a cotton cloth.

Cleaning Your Fishing Rod Handle

After getting back from your fishing trip, removing the reels, and clipping lines, wash saltwater fishing rods with gentle soap and warm water. Rinse and thoroughly dry the fishing rods.

Also, never store your saltwater rods before cleaning as corrosion could occur. This also applies for conventional rods, spinning rods, and other fishing rods.

To Wrap it Up

Ensure you carefully re-lubricate and inspect your fishing rods, reels and other gears as needed during fishing season. Also, before packing your gear for the off season, ensure you remove and dispose of all the unused lines on the reels.