How to Choose the Right Crimp Fishing Sleeve

How to Choose the Right Crimp Sleeve

Select the right sleeve for your fishing style and leader material

Crimp Sleeve Selection is important when making your own leaders for saltwater fishing. This quick video shows how to pick the proper sleeve for your fishing application.

What is a Crimp Sleeve?

Crimp sleeves or fishing crimps are small cylinders with open ends.  They are used to connect a length of leader - be it monofilament, wire, cable, or fluorocarbon.

The simplest way to crimp the sleeve is with a crimping tool. The tools look like pliers but are sized for specific sleeves. Plus, they often contain wire cutting  features.

Since crimp sleeves are often large and hard to compress, crimping tools are designed for maximum leverage and significantly sturdier than ordinary pliers.

Crimp Sleeves Size

Crimp sleeves come in a wide range of sizes and materials. You can use aluminum sleeves with mono or fluoro leader. While cable leaders require brass or copper sleeves. In addition to the sleeve material, it’s important to pick the right size to match your leader diameter. Most manufacturers of copper and brass sleeves use a handful of standard sizes. However, aluminum sleeves get a bit trickier, so you’ve got to pay closer attention to the inner diameter.

Crimping is a whole other ballgame, but it’s easy to get the hang of once you do it a few times. We stock top brands of crimpers for all applications. We’ve also got a ton of sleeves available in our terminal tackle section.