How to Splice Mono to Braid

Make your own Topshots and Wind-On Leaders
Strong connections land more fish.

Learn how to correctly splice mono to braid with this short how-to video. This is a great technique to brush up on in the off season.

The use of topshots and wind-on leaders has exploded in recent years. Many anglers prefer to do this for several reasons. First, it’s more stealth. Second, it’s a very strong connection. It also allows you to use braid, which provides greater capacity and strength while also lasting longer. At the end of the season, or whenever necessary, you can just cut your mono or fluoro out and re-splice. This is a bit more expensive at first, but over time it can save time and money.

Braided lines don’t only increase casting distance but are also challenging to break. They are also more resistant to wear and durable than monofilament fishing lines. And, even though it can seem more expensive than most fishing lines, it is usually great for fishing in weed-choked or scrubby areas. Plus, when you tie a braided fishing line properly, you get a long reel life.

How To Splice a Fishing Line

Check out our how-to vid and let us know if you’ve got questions. We are happy to help.