How to Tie a Triple Overhand Knot

Triple Overhand Knot for Saltwater Fishing

A very strong fishing knot that is used in other knots too!

Learn how to tie a triple overhand knot with our brief video. The Triple Overhand Knot is a staple among fishing knots. Easy to tie, strong, and quick to learn, it’s a good one. This knot works great in mono, fluoro or braid.

Many anglers know the Triple Overhand is one of the fastest knots to tie. It’s also easy enough to manage that you can do it on a rough day. This is a great option for loop to loop connections, connecting to a bimini twist, and many other applications. Bottom line is that this basic knot has many uses. It’s what you may call a “building block” knot as you add more knots to your arsenal.

Check out our quick video below. Be sure to reach out via live chat, phone, or email with any questions you may have. We are happy to help.