How to Break Off a Haywire Twist with Single Strand Wire - Clean Wire Break

The Right Way to End a Haywire Twist

Don't cut that wire, break it off!

The haywire twist knot in a single-strand wire connects a bite-proof fishing leader to a lure or hook or creates a loop on the end. Knowing how to tie a haywire twist is quite easy but when you have to break off the haywire twist is where it can get tricky.

Learn how to break off wire the right way. This technique will help you avoid painful cuts when leadering fish on wire leader. Important knowledge for anyone tying wire leaders. Particularly relevant for king mackerel and wahoo anglers. 

Many folks try to cut the tag end of their wire as close to the mainline as possible.  This is easy, of course.  However, it leaves a razor sharp tag end that can cut you in a hurry.  Breaking off the wire instead leaves a rougher edge that is no where near as likely to slice you open.  

Try this technique a few times and you'll have the hang of it.