Choosing the Right Hook for Offshore Fishing Lures

How to Select the Right Size Hook

Learn about the deciding factors when choosing hooks for your trolling rigs.

Learn how to choose the right hook for your big game lures with this short video. Our brief how-to video shows how to match your lure size to the proper hook. Take the guesswork out of things with a little practicality.

Big game fishing hooks and big game offshore trolling lures come in millions of combinations. However, it’s important to look deeper into things and match your hook length and gap to the size of your lure and target species, especially when targeting Marlin.

One easy way to make the call is to match the hook gap to the diameter of the lure head and to ensure that your hook bend is at the back of the skirt. A feeding fish won’t be fooled by a dolphin weenie with a 12-0 hook swinging out the back of it! At the same time, it’s tough to catch a monster Blue or White Marlin with a tiny hook.

Match your hook size to your offshore trolling lure size and target species, make sure you’ve got quality rigging components and leaders, and you’ll be set-up for success offshore. Please drop us a line or call 888.453.3742 with questions.