How to Make a Ballyhoo Rig

Making ballyhoo rigs for saltwater trolling

Save money and make your own offshore trolling rigs, it’s easy.

Learn how to make a Ballyhoo rig with this quick video. This is one of those skills that pays big dividends in terms of cost savings and customization.

Poor little Ballyhoo are the bait of choice for most anglers targeting pelagics with dead bait. Because of their swimming action and flashy silver bodies, they are an ideal bait. You can fish Ballyhoo naked, behind a sea witch, and behind larger lures or a soft head like a Squidnation chugger. It’s easy to catch fish on Ballyhoo, you just need to learn how to make the rigs first.

With our quick video, you’ll get the basics of ballyhoo rig components, order of operations, and more. This is a simple task that you should be able to get the hang of pretty quickly, it just takes some repetition and of course, some trial and error. Ballyhoo rigs can be made in wire, mono, or fluoro. One of the biggest pieces of this puzzle is the selection of quality components. Make sure you use reputable hooks, leader, sleeves, and tools.

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