How to Make a Saltwater Bottom Rig

How to Make a Bottom Fishing Rig for Saltwater

Fish taste better when you catch them on your own rig

Learn how to make a bottom fishing rig with this short video. Save yourself some money, and make your own bottom rigs. It’s easy, quick, and everyone knows it’s more fun to catch fish on your own stuff.

Our how-to covers the steps to make your dropper loops, how to position the hooks, and other basics of bottom rig making. The process is pretty simple.

You should be able to knock out all the bottom rigs you could ever need for a day of fishing in a couple hours. Even better, once you get the hang of it, if you do fall short offshore you’ll always be able to whip some up.

It’s important to use good materials, don’t go for some bobo leader to save a few bucks. Hooks are equally important. You want to start with a name brand hook, most anglers around here use Mustad Demon Circle Hooks on their bottom rigs.

The circle hook is required in a lot of places when bottom fishing with bait. This style of bottom fishing rig works great for catching Triggers, Beeliners, Black Bass, Grouper and other great tasting fish.

All of the materials you need are available here at The Tackle Room. Leader, hooks, sinkers and more are in stock, with fast shipping. If you find yourself hung up on a step, or if you have other questions, give us a shout. You can reach us via phone, email or live chat. We are here to help.

Bottom Fishing Tips and Techniques

First, you should look for structure down deep on your fish finder because fish usually congregate around those areas.

Also, to increase your chances of getting a hookup, use two hooks. But, if you’re looking for a bigger fish, then you can switch to just one hook.

Next, drop your weight to the bottom, letting it hit the structure. Then, reel up a foot or two off the ground, letting the bait hang there and feel for the bites.

If you’re using lures, give it a little twitch or pull up high to see if the fish bite on the drop.

Bottom Fishing Tackle

With the right fishing tackle, you can bag your trophy fish while bottom fishing in the SoCal waters

Bottom Fishing Rods

Beefier and shorter rods are usually better when deep dropping. This is because you don’t need to cast long distances. All you need to have is a good backbone for pulling up all your catches.

Bottom Fishing Reels

The standard for deep drops are generally conventional reels because they give you more mechanical leverage when reeling up and they can hold loads of line.Aslo, they make it easier for you to drop the line down quickly.

Spinning reels are also great if you’re bottom fishing off a pier. But, a baitcasting reel is better if you need to make a precise, long cast.

Bottom Fishing Lures

Though live baits are effective for bottom fishing, there are many other lures that bottom anglers go for. For instance, using a soft bait grub is a great option especially when you tip the books with bait.