How to Sharpen Fishing Hooks

Sharpen Your Hooks for More Hookups

Sharp hooks catch more fish, it’s a fact

Sharp hooks are an integral part of improving your hook-up ratio and catching more fish. Often times, even hooks that are brand new, out of the box can use a good sharpening. Watch this brief video and you’ll be a master in no time.

Step on any charter boat or tournament boat and check out the hooks they’re using. You’ll notice one thing – regardless of the brand, and even the age of the hook, they are sharp. The primary reason for this is because those who fish for a living know that sharp hooks are critical. While a dull hook can “bounce” off the inside of a fishes jaw, a sharp hook penetrates quickly and thoroughly, ensuring that you are hooked up.

If you find yourself getting bites, but often losing fish, be sure to check out your hooks. Oftentimes, anglers using brand new hooks assume they’re super sharp. However, even new hooks often need to be touched up for optimum results. The process is easy and well worth it to put more fish in the box. Once you get the hang of it, send us some fish pics!

When To Sharpen Fish Hooks

As a rule of thumb, it’s recommended that you sharpen your fish hooks before heading out on a fishing trip. But, this might be a bit tedious for some anglers, especially if they go fishing quite often. This is why the “fingernail” test is the go-to option to know if it’s time to bring out that hook sharpener and sharpen your fish hook or not.

This test is simple; all you need to do is to scratch the hook point against your fingernail. If the hook leaves a deep mark on your fingernail, that means it’s still sharp enough to be used. But, if it simply slides over the fingernail, then it’s time to bring out your hook sharpening tools or hook file and get to work.