How to Make a Shock Leader

How to Make a Shock Leader for Wahoo Fishing

High Speed Trolling Made Easy

This follow-up to our trolling weight video shows the proper way to make a shock leader for Wahoo fishing. Shock leaders are a critical component for catching Wahoo offshore with trolling weights. Use quality materials and techniques to make your own shock leaders and save some money.

Shock leader for saltwater fishing

Why do you need a shock leader for saltwater fishing?

The shock leader is critical for wahoo fishing.  This simple piece of tackle absorbs the impact from big, striking Wahoo.  It also helps to distance your lure from the boat and your main fishing line with a planer or trolling weight.  In addition, it's much easier to leader a fish on Mono leader than it is with braided leader.  

How long is the typical shock leader for wahoo fishing?

It’s important to keep the length around 25 feet and to use quality components. We recommend using a good brand of leader and a ball bearing snap swivel. Some folks like to use 2 swivels, but that’s really unnecessary. Chafe gear is another very important piece of the puzzle. You need this chafe protection as all connections are put under a lot of stress when fishing with trolling weights, especially high speed fishing. Make sure you match your sleeves to the leader diameter and properly crimp everything to ensure success when making your shock leader line.

Shock leaders are easy to make and you can save some money making them on your own.