How to Make High Speed Trolling Weights

How to Rig High Speed Trolling Weights

Making trolling weights for Wahoo fishing

Wahoo are one of the fastest game fish in waters. These torpedo-shaped brawlers are able to easily strike lures traveling 18 knots or higher and chase down the swiftest of baits.

How did this high-speed fishing technique come about? It’s said that it began when boats were heading to the fishing grounds in rough weather and they could run at only 12 to 18 knots. Intrepid fishermen then put out heavy lures in their wahoo trolling spread using bullet-shaped heads behind trolling leads on heavy tackle. This is where high-speed wahoo fishing was born!

How To Make Trolling Weights

Learn how to rig high speed trolling weights with this quick video. Rigging them yourself saves quite a bit of money and also comes in handy when repairing weights.

Trolling weights are an easy way to get your lures deeper without using planers. They are especially handy for high speed wahoo fishing. For many anglers, trolling weights are easier to handle than planers are. This is because you don’t have to “trip” the trolling weights.

The most important pieces of the puzzle when making trolling weights are the materials you use. Be sure to get high quality lead, durable stainless steel cable, a ball bearing snap swivel, and always use chafe gear. The chafe gear will help protect your other connections and extends the life of your rigs. Stainless cable is important also as it helps the trolling weight last longer. The process is simple and easy to learn. All supplies you need to make your high speed trolling weights are available here.