How to Snell a Hook

Snell a Hook for Dead Bait Fishing

Versatile fishing knot for many applications

Learn how to snell a hook with this quick video. Applications for this technique ­include live-baiting for yellowfin tuna or yellowtail snapper, or pitch-baiting dead ballyhoo for blue marlin.

A snell knot isn’t as common as your everyday knots. However, it’s a versatile fishing knot that works with a variety of leaders and hooks. This is a great option when you want your leader to be tight to the hook, instead of free-swinging like a loop knot. Because of the pressure big fish will place on your snell knot, be sure to use hooks with clean, round eyes. This knot works great because of the same pressure we just mentioned, so this is key. In fact, if you’re using a snell knot for big pelagics, an hook with an angle to the eye is ideal. This lines everything up nicely.

All told, the snell knot is easy to tie and has a ton of uses. Whether you’re using mono leader or fluoro leader, it’s worth a go.