How to Tie a Grouper Knot - Learn Saltwater Fishing Knots with The Tackle Room

Learn the Grouper Knot with this quick how-to video

One of the best knots for terminal tackle connection.

Learn how to tie a Grouper knot, also known as a Figure 8 knot. It’s an easy one to get the hang of. Sure, it’s not really complex and you won’t impress strangers with your cosmic knot-tying skills. However, you’ll use this knot all the time. Best of all, it’s a knot that you can easily contain in the palm of your hand as you tie it.

The Grouper knot is an easy to tie saltwater fishing knot. It’s versatile and works well for a wide range of applications. This is an ideal knot for terminal tackle connections. The Grouper Knot works great on anything with an eye; hooks and swivels are perfect candidates. The small profile and simple construction of this knot make it easy to tie anywhere, it’s a great one to keep in your arsenal for rough days offshore. The Figure 8 knot is strong, easy to tie, and fast. There’s not much more you could ask for!

The most typical application of this saltwater fishing knot is to tie a hook to a leader where we have leader strength greater than 30 pound test. Also, the grouper knot is used for a line to hook connection.

Simple Steps To tie a Grouper Knot

  • Run the leader through the hook eye
  • Hold the line end and make a loop around the line
  • Then, make another loop around the line
  • Take the line end back under the line, run it down towards the hook and back up through all the loops
  • Hold the hook and line end, and tighten
  • After tightening, clip off the tag ends of the line

Watch our quick how-to video below and learn how to tie a Grouper knot. Please call, email or live chat us with any questions. We are happy to help.