How to Tie a Uni Fishing Knot

The Uni Knot is an easy fishing knot to learn.

Versatile fishing knot with many applications.

How to Tie a Uni Knot – watch this quick video and learn about one of the most versatile fishing knots there is. Some folks refer to the Uni Knot as the “Grinner Knot”. Either way, it’s a strong and dependable knot in mono, fluoro, and braid.

The Uni Knot is very popular with monofilament. Also, it works great when connecting Superline to the leader material. Plus, the Uni Knot is good for attaching lines to a reel and tying a hook.

This saltwater fishing knot works great for making important terminal tackle connections. Many anglers say uni knot is easier to tie than an Improved Clinch knot and is equal in strength.

Easy Steps To Tie The Uni Knot

  • Run the line through the eye and double back to form a circle
  • Tie the uni knot by wrapping the tag end around the double line six turns and through the loop
  • Moisture the line then pull the main line to tighten the knot
  • Pull the main line to slide the knot down to the eye of the swivel or hook