About Us

About Tackle Room

Tackle Room is a small business with big service. We built this company with the goal of providing anglers with quality products, fair pricing, and first-class service.

Tackle Room is your tackle warehouse and tackle direct fishing source for offshore & inshore rigging and terminal tackle supplies. We operate the Tackle Room with passion. Our promise to you as a customer is to do the right thing, ship your product quickly, and provide superior support with access to our team to help your purchasing experience. Chat/Email/Phone you will speak to a real person, located in North Carolina, with a real passion to help you.  

Philosophy: When a company takes care of its employees, it's employees can take care of their customers. That is why that from the ground up we are built to serve you, our customer. Your experience and access to the best products, the best data and the best service is why we will beat everyone around us. Most of the time it's about price, here, it is about trust and price. 

Rest assured that our goal is to provide you with the right goods for your application, via a clean and easy to use website. Please feel free to email or call 888.453.3742 with any questions or concerns. We’d love to speak with you.

Some of the excellent products and collections we have:

Lures and Teasers

Explore a wide selection of high-quality lures and teasers, including offerings from AHI USA, Bluewater Candy, Epic Fishing, Squid Nation, and Joe Shute Lures. From vibrant squid daisy chains to lifelike skirted trolling lures, find the perfect bait to attract your target catch.

Offshore Rods

Discover top-notch offshore rods from Penn, Star, Calcutta Fishing, designed to withstand the toughest marine conditions. Whether you're trolling with a Calcutta rod or jigging with a Zman rod, our collection offers durability and performance for your deep-sea fishing needs.

Calcutta Fishing

Experience the thrill of Calcutta fishing with premium gear from Calcutta Fishing. From high-performance reels to durable tackle bags, we provide everything you need for a successful angling excursion in coastal waters.

Fluoro Leader

Upgrade your fishing setup with fluorocarbon leaders from Momoi, AFW Fishing, renowned for their strength and invisibility underwater. Enhance your chances of landing the big one with these reliable and durable leaders.

Inshore Lures

Target inshore species with a diverse selection of lures, including offerings from Zman Fishing, Original Clarkspoon, DOA, Elias V, Matrix, and Bluewater Candy. From soft plastics to hard baits, find the perfect lure to entice bites in shallow waters.

Dredge Weights

Optimize your trolling spread with dredge weights from Epic Fishing and Fish Razr, essential for maintaining proper depth and presentation. Maximize your chances of attracting pelagic predators with these strategically crafted weights.

Bluewater Candy Lures

Elevate your offshore fishing game with Bluewater Candy Lures, trusted by anglers for their proven effectiveness. Whether targeting billfish with a Bluewater Candy skirted trolling lure or tuna with a deep-diving plug, these lures are sure to enhance your success on the water.

Mono Leader

Secure your connection to big game fish with high-quality monofilament leaders from Momoi, Yo-Zuri, Hi-Seas, & AFW Fishing. Engineered for strength and reliability, our mono leaders provide peace of mind when battling trophy fish.

Fishing Swivels

Enhance your rigging setup with premium fishing swivels, including offerings from AFW Fishing and Billfisher, designed for smooth rotation and reduced line twist. From ball bearing swivels to crane swivels, we have the perfect option for every angler.


Take your offshore trolling to the next level with dredges and hardware from Fish Razr and Joe Shute Lures. Designed for durability and performance, these tools are essential for attracting trophy fish in open waters.


Stock up on sinkers for all your fishing needs, including offerings from Epic Fishing Co. trolling weights, deep drops, duck decoy weights, and Fish Razr Dredge Fish. From cannonball sinkers, bank sinkers, pyramid weights, to egg sinkers, our selection offers various sizes and styles to help you achieve the perfect presentation in any fishing scenario.

Tuna Lures

Dominate the tuna grounds with premium lures from Yo-Zuri, Bekley, Joe Shute Lures and Bluewater Candy. Whether trolling for tuna with a skirted lure or casting with a popper, these lures are sure to attract the attention of these powerful predators.

Fish Teasers/Spreader Bars/Dredges

Maximize your offshore spread with fish teasers, spreader bars, and dredges from Fish Razr and Joe Shute Lures. Designed to attract and provoke strikes from multiple fish simultaneously, these tools are essential for offshore success.

Joe Shute Lures

Experience the legendary performance of the sea witch lure from the previous Joe Shute Lures, now by Epic Fishing, trusted by anglers for their versatility and effectiveness. Whether trolling for pelagics with a Joe Shute skirted lure or casting for inshore species, these lures deliver results.

J Hooks

Upgrade your tackle box with high-quality J hooks from Mustad, Gamakatsu, Eagle Fishing, known for their reliable hooksets and strength. Whether targeting bottom dwellers or pelagic predators, our J hooks are up to the task.

Storage and Coolers

Keep your catch fresh and your gear organized with storage solutions and coolers from Calcutta Fishing, and Yeti. From tackle bags to insulated boxes, we have everything you need for a successful day on the water.

Mahi Mahi Lures

Entice the vibrant colors of Mahi Mahi with premium lures from Bluewater Candy and Joe Shute Lures. Stock up on proven Mahi lures for your next offshore adventure.

Outrigger and Downrigger Accessories

Optimize your trolling setup with outrigger and downrigger accessories from Fish Razr and Bluewater Candy, essential for spreading lines and controlling depth. From clips to release mechanisms, we have everything you need for efficient trolling.

Pre-rigged Leaders

Simplify your rigging process with pre-rigged leaders from AFW Fishing and Calcutta Fishing, ready to attach to your mainline for quick deployment. Whether trolling or bottom fishing, our pre-rigged leaders save you time and effort on the water.


Harness the irresistible appeal of squid with Squidnation products, designed to enhance your trolling spread. From squid daisy chains to teaser birds, these innovative accessories are sure to attract attention.

Cutting Tools

Stay prepared on the water with cutting tools from Zman Fishing and Calcutta Fishing, including knives, scissors, and pliers. With durable construction and ergonomic designs, our cutting tools are essential for every angler's tackle box.

Rigging Tools

Master the art of rigging with tools from AFW Fishing and Bluewater Candy, designed for precision and efficiency. From crimpers to rigging needles, we have everything you need to tackle any rigging task.

Marlin Lures

Chase the ultimate offshore trophy with premium marlin lures from Joe Shute Lures and Bluewater Candy, engineered to entice these majestic billfish. With lifelike designs and proven performance, our marlin lures are trusted by anglers worldwide.

Fishing Hats

Stay protected from the elements with fishing hats from Calcutta Fishing and Zman Fishing, designed for comfort and sun protection. From trucker caps to wide-brimmed hats, we have the perfect headwear for every angler.

Wahoo Lures

Target high-speed predators with premium wahoo lures from Joe Shute Lures and Bluewater Candy, engineered for speed and action. Whether high-speed trolling or vertical jigging, our wahoo lures are sure to trigger explosive strikes.

Mastermind Custom Lures

Unleash your fishing creativity with Mastermind Custom Lures, known for their customizable designs and exceptional performance. From skirt colors to head shapes, create your ultimate custom lure for any fishing scenario.

Trolling Lures

Diversify your trolling spread with premium trolling lures from Bluewater Candy and Joe Shute Lures, designed to mimic various baitfish and trigger aggressive strikes. Whether targeting tuna, billfish, or dorado, we have the right lure for every offshore angler.

Flash Banger

Add flash and vibration to your trolling spread with Flash Banger products, engineered to attract game fish from a distance. Whether rigged in front of lures or as standalone teasers, Flash Banger adds excitement to your offshore fishing.


Stock up on high-quality hooks for all your fishing needs from AFW Fishing and Calcutta Fishing, from circle hooks to J hooks. With sharp points and durable construction, our hooks ensure solid hooksets and secure connections with trophy fish.

Fish Razr

Enhance your trolling spread with Fish Razr products, designed to create lifelike baitfish presentations that attract game fish. From dredge bars to dredge teasers, Fish Razr adds realism and action to your offshore spread.

Fighting Belts & Harnesses

Battle big game fish with confidence using fighting belts and harnesses from Calcutta Fishing and Zman Fishing, designed for comfort and support during long fights. Whether standing up to a marlin or battling a tuna, our harnesses ensure you stay in control.

Zman Fishing

Experience the durability and lifelike action of Zman Fishing products, designed to outlast and outperform traditional soft plastics. From swimbaits to creature baits, Zman Fishing offers innovative solutions for every angler.

AFW Fishing

Trust AFW Fishing for your terminal tackle needs, with high-quality swivels, leaders, and wire traces designed for reliability and performance. Whether trolling or bottom fishing, AFW Fishing has you covered.


Add versatility to your tackle box with jigs from Zman Fishing and Bluewater Candy, ideal for vertical jigging, casting, and trolling. From butterfly jigs to speed jigs, we offer a wide range of styles and weights to suit any fishing scenario.

Tools and Accessories

Gear up for success with tools and accessories from AFW Fishing and Calcutta Fishing, including rigging kits, crimping tools, and line spoolers. Stay organized and prepared for any situation with our high-quality fishing tools.

Wire Leader

Protect against toothy predators with wire leaders from AFW Fishing and Calcutta Fishing, designed to prevent bite-offs and ensure your bait reaches its target. Whether trolling for wahoo or casting for barracuda, our wire leaders provide peace of mind.

Storage and Coolers

Keep your catch fresh and your gear organized with storage solutions and coolers from Calcutta Fishing and Zman Fishing. From tackle boxes to insulated bags, we offer durable and practical storage options for every angler.

Trolling Lures

Maximize your offshore success with premium trolling lures from Bluewater Candy and Joe Shute Lures, designed to attract a wide range of game fish species. With vibrant colors and lifelike action, our trolling lures are sure to entice bites on your next fishing trip.