Chafe & Heat Shrink Tubing

Chafe & Heat Shrink Tubing to finish off your hooksets and leaders

Chafe & Heat Shrink Tubing are two important pieces for properly rigging your gear.  Chafe Gear is absolutely critical to avoid breaking leaders when fighting fish for extended periods of time.  There are several styles on the market.  Many are plastic and some are wound metal or woven nylon.  We love our poly chafe gear as it’s affordable, semi-transparent, and available by the foot.  In fact, we were using it for years in the shop prior to even realizing other folks might like it too.  Heat shrink is another important rigging component.  We keep a couple of sizes on hand for finishing off stiff rigs.  Clear heat shrink is great because it’s easier to inspect the connections beneath.  Let us know if you’ve got any questions about chafe gear or heat shrink tubing.  We love helping out.

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