Mastering the Inline Planer Bridle System, Offshore Trolling Fishing

Mastering the Inline Planer Bridle System, Offshore Trolling Fishing

The inline planer bridle system represents a revolutionary approach to offshore fishing, offering unmatched simplicity and effectiveness, especially for targeting big game fish like Wahoo. This system not only simplifies the traditional complexities associated with other fishing methods but also enhances the fishing experience by allowing anglers to deploy baits deep below the surface with ease.

Essential Gear for Planer Bridle Fishing

  1. Epic Fishing Bridle
  2. Old Salty Planer, select size based on depth chart
  3. Yoyo & 150 lbs Leader, No hand-lining the fish, reeling to the boat!
  4. Fishing Line or Braid, Sufix Fishing Line or Diamond Hollow Core Braid 
  5. Rods & Reels

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What is an Inline Planer Bridle System?

The planer bridle system is designed to streamline the process of trolling for large fish such as Wahoo and Tuna. Unlike traditional methods that often involve cumbersome setups like handlines or downriggers, the inline planer system eliminates the need for secondary releases and simplifies bait checks. This setup is particularly advantageous in seaweed-prone areas, making it easier to manage and adjust your lure.

Benefits of Using an Inline Planer Bridle System

1. Simplicity in Deployment: The system mimics the deployment of standard trolling lines but includes a planer to set the bait deeper.
2. Efficiency: There is no need to manually pull in the planer; instead, you can reel in your catch directly, thanks to the streamlined design.
3. Cost-Effectiveness: Eliminates the need for potentially costly and less reliable components like double snap swivels and rubber bands.


How to Set Up Your Planer Bridle System

We offer a quick and informative video tutorial on setting up your planer bridle system effectively. Our video is tailored to help both novice and experienced anglers get their system up and running swiftly, ensuring you spend more time fishing and less time handling gear.

Inline Planer Bridle System: A Game Changer in Offshore Fishing

The technique of using inline planers has been around for over a decade and was initially adopted by charter captains looking to increase their catch rates. The advent of hollow core bridle lines further transformed this method, offering increased durability and ease of use. Today, inline planer bridle systems are a common sight on serious offshore fishing boats across the East Coast.

Selecting the Right Lures for Your Inline Planer

Choosing the correct lure is crucial for successful planer fishing. Darker lures often perform better for Wahoo, while vibrant colors like blue and white are also effective. Both natural baits like ballyhoo rigged on piano wire and artificial lures with jet heads are excellent choices, providing both versatility and durability.

Why Adopt the Inline Planer Bridle System?

Adopting this system can significantly enhance your offshore fishing adventures by reducing gear hassle, increasing the number of catches, and allowing for a more enjoyable experience. Despite the initial setup cost, the long-term benefits and savings in terms of fuel and time make the inline planer bridle system a worthwhile investment for any serious angler.

Experience the simplicity and effectiveness of the inline planer bridle system for yourself and discover why it’s becoming the preferred choice for reaching deep-water game fish consistently. Try it on your next offshore expedition and watch your catch rate soar!
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