Collection: Fishing Dredges / Hardware

If you’re going dredge fishing and need the best fishing dredges and hardware, then you’re in the right place! We have the best saltwater fishing dredges for sale. Our fishing dredge weights will help set the depth of your dredge. To get started ballyhoo dredge fishing or if you like to DIY your dredges we have the products for you. We build our own dredges in North Carolina and sell hand-selected dredges from the best manufactures.  

Our fishing dredges (Epic Fishing Co.) are ready to clip on and get to work. We work with the best in the industry that use high-quality components and terminal sourced from top brands like Squidnation, Fish Razr, Epic Fishing Co., and more, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. We base our dredge selections from our own experience and the experience of our great partners.

Some of the dredge manufactures out there create great fishing dredges that are similar to our products and we love the industry raising the tide! Strike Point Tackle does an excellent job along with Fathom Offshore, and many others. We are proud to be surrounded by the best in the industry in the Southeast!

Dredges and Hardware