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Fish Razr Squid + Flapz Dredge

Fish Razr Squid + Flapz Dredge

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📰 Product Description

  • Fish Razr Squid + Flapz Dredge features squid and flaps
  • 9″ Fish Razr Squid with UV enhancement 
  • Fish Razr Mud Flapz create the perception of predator fish chasing bait, bringing more fish to your boat
  • 38" Fish Razr Heavy Bar Gen II is very durable
  • Inner drops have 2 squid with a 12″ flap at the end
  • Outer drops have 1 squid and 1 tuna flap
  • The mono on this dredge is 400lb
  • Light weight mesh bag included
  • Great dredge for boats big and small
  • Ships from manufacturer, please allow up to one extra business day for processing
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Fish Razr Squid + Flapz Dredge is the best of both worlds

This dredge is very effective for a multitude of species.  The dual presentation of squid and flaps makes this dredge a great fish raiser that is also easy to use.  Because of the flaps, this dredge weighs less and pulls significantly less drag then traditional squid dredges. 18 Fish Razr full body 9”squids with 12, 12” FlapZ hanging from a 38” heavy bar. The outside loops have chains of one squid with one FlapZ, the inside loops consist of two squid and one FlapZ. All custom built using 400lb monofilament and heavy tackle. Available in black sparkle, blue sparkle, pink florescent, green sparkle and red sparkle. Custom colors available. Comes in a mesh carry bag for easy storage.

Prop 65 Label

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