Fish Razr Deadly Daizy Chain

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  • The Fish Razr Deadly Daizy Chain lives up to its name
  • Great for catching Billfish, Tuna, and Dolphin
  • 1x 9" squid, 2x 12" squid, and 2x 10" flaps, rigged as droppers being chased by an 18" Tuna flap
    • Combo of shadows, color, and splash brings big fish to your spread
  • Rigged on 400lb clear monofilament leader
  • Heavy duty crimps
  • 8' overall length
  • Chafe gear on main loop for durability

Fish Razr Deadly Daizy Chain teases monster Pelagics up from the depths.

The Deadly Daizy Chain from Fish Razr is an ideal option in the world of center console teasers.  This inline daisy chain combines the splash of dropper-rigged flaps with colorful squid and an ominous, larger Tuna flap shadow, to bring big fish into your spread.  With spot-on USA rigging and 4 equally-effective color options, this is a great choice for offshore anglers looking for a leg up when chasing big fish.  

Prop 65 Label

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