Squidnation Stub Masters

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  • Pink Unrigged
  • Pink Rigged
  • Blue/Clear Unrigged
  • Blue/Clear Rigged
  • Red Unrigged
  • Red Rigged
  • Blue/White Rigged
  • Blue/White Unrigged
  • Green Unrigged
  • Green Rigged
  • Blue Unrigged
  • Blue Rigged
  • Purple/Black Unrigged
  • Purple/Black Rigged
  • Black Unrigged
  • Black Rigged
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  • Regular price $4.49

Squidnation Stub Masters

  • Sale
  • Regular price $4.49
  • Squidnation Stub Master lures are an easy and affordable way to add color to dead baits
  • Durable, rubber lures
  • Red 3D eyes
  • Two rigging options
    • Individually with no rigging
    • Or rigged on 12 feet of 150 Hi-Catch with an 8/0 7766 Mustad hook and pin rig w/ spring
  • Great lure for Mahi and Billfish
  • Many boats in South America use them when targeting Blue Marlin
  • Choose from 7 vibrant color options

Squidnation Stub Masters - Rigged or Unrigged

Squidnation Stub Masters are a quick and easy means to add color to your dead bait presentation.  They make these durable, rubber lures in several of the most vibrant colors around.  One thing that sets Stub Masters apart is the red 3D eyes. We offer these soft head chuggers with two rigging options.  We of course sell them individually with no rigging.  However, The Tackle Room can also them on 12 feet of 150 Hi-Catch with an 8/0 7766 Mustad hook and pin rig with spring.  This is a great lure for Mahi and Billfish.  Many boats in South America use them when targeting Blue Marlin.  Choose from 7 vibrant color options.

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