Spring and Summer Saltwater Trolling Kit

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  • #1 Planer/#00 Spoon
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Spring and Summer Saltwater Trolling Kit

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  • Regular price $29.99
  • Spring and Summer Trolling Kits are perfect for nearshore trolling
  • Available with number 1 or 2 planers and size 0 or 00 Clarkspoon flashspoons
  • Easy to spot teal 7" yoyo
  • Handline (25 ft) included, not pre-attached to the leader or yoyo
  • 120 lb ball bearing snap swivels (all stainless)
  • 25 feet of 40 lb mono leader 
  • Assembled in the USA with foreign and domestic components

Spring and Summer Trolling Kits are ideal for targeting Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish nearshore.

Our Spring and Summer Trolling Kits are perfect for anglers that want to catch Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish nearshore.  These vibrant kits feature a teal yoyo and pink Clarkspoon flash spoon.  With these awesome colors, this is a great gift idea for Mom!  The #1 planer kit comes with a size 00 flash spoon, while the #2 planer kit includes a 0 spoon.  Each kit includes a handline that can be tied off to your planer, or, you can fish the planer inline.  

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