Seamount One-Size Fish Fighting Belt

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Seamount One-Size Fish Fighting Belt

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  • The Seamount One-Size Fighting Belt is a lightweight stand-up fighting belt for anglers of virtually any size
  • Manufactured with Seamount's legendary quality and attention to detail
  • Comfortable singe strap waist design is beyond easy to adjust
  • Durable stainless hardware
  • Generously padded gimbal provides comfortable support
  • Fits waists from 24" to 54"
  • Free ground shipping included

    Seamount One-Size Fighting Belt is comfortable and fits an incredible range of waist sizes.

    If you're an angler that does some stand up fishing or land based sharking, you know that your belts take a beating.  Seamount knows this also, and they make the very best in fish fighting equipment.  While they are most known for their tournament winning gear - you know, the stuff that's on every big name tournament boat around the world...Seamount also makes killer gear for enthusiast anglers who may not have a tournament-sized budget.  

    The Seamount One-Size Fighting Belt features a comfortably padded waist belt that fits anglers from 24-54" - an incredible 30" of range.  It's also one of the simplest designs in terms of adjustment that we have ever seen.  With a super comfy gimbal pad to rest on your thighs and an easy to adjust belt, this will quickly become one of your favorite fishing tools.  

    We can't say enough good things about Seamount and their awesome range of products.  Once you give this thing a shot, we think you'll feel the same.

    Prop 65 Label

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