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Mustad Demon Circle Wide Gap Hook In-Line | 1X Strong | 39948NP-BN

Mustad Demon Circle Wide Gap Hook In-Line | 1X Strong | 39948NP-BN

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📰 Product Description

  • Mustad Demon circle hooks feature a wide gap for improved hook-up ratios
  • Designed for everything from drifting live bait to trolling, to deep dropping
  • Ideal catch and release hook
  • Package quantity varies - see item short description
  • 4.3 Ultra Point technology
  • Forged and Nor-Tempered for strength
  • Ring eye
  • Sizes 6/0 through 12/0


Mustad Demon wide gap circle hooks are a great catch and release hook for a variety of species.

Circle hooks like the Mustad Demon are always a popular option for conservation-minded anglers, and those looking for improved hook up ratios when targeting certain species.  This wide gap hook is a versatile option for anglers - you can use it on deep drop rigs, bridled baits, or drift rigs, among others.

On top of its versatility, this is a durable hook.  Mustad uses a proprietary black nickel finish that is more corrosion-resistant than others.  The 4.3 Ultra Point Technology results in a consistent, sharp point.  Even better, a ringed eye provides the strength you need to hook big fish.  Package quantities vary by hook size.

Prop 65 Label


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