Joe Shute 8 oz Lures - Flatliner Series

Color Combo
  • Red Head w/ Crystal Hair/Pearl Mylar
  • White w/ Crystal Hair/Pearl Mylar
  • Pink/White Head w/ Pink/Crystal Hair/Pearl Mylar
  • Blue/White Head w/ Blue/Crystal Hair/Pearl Mylar
  • Black/Purple Head w/ Black/Purple Hair & Pearl Mylar
  • Tackle Room Exclusive - White Head w/ Black/Blue Blended/Crystal Hair/Chartreuse Mylar
  • Sand Eel
  • Green/Chartreuse
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  • Joe Shute Lures – 8oz lead head with UV hair and Mylar
  • Great sub-surface lure
  • Works well for Tuna, Dolphin, Billfish, Wahoo
  • High quality hair lasts longer and looks killer!

    Joe Shute 8 oz Lures are Sub-Surface Killers.

    Joe Shute 8 oz lures, also referred to as the "Flatliner Series" are a deadly sub-surface lure.  These Joe Shute Lures are tied with UV hair that's not only vibrant in color, it's also slightly thicker than most other hair used in sea witch style lures, so the lure will maintain its shape and appearance longer.  There's a touch of mylar flash added to help bring fish up from the depths and into your spread.  Joe Shute lures track beneath the surface, straight and true.  They're great for all the usual suspects, from Dolphin to Tuna and Billfish.  We offer these in a variety of popular colors.

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    Prop 65 Label

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