Islamorada Flyer | Flying Fish Lure with Wings | Small or Large

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  • Small Unrigged - Blue
  • Large Unrigged - Blue
  • Small Rigged - Blue
  • Large Rigged - Blue
  • Small Unrigged - Pink
  • Large Unrigged - Pink
  • Small Rigged - Pink
  • Large Rigged - Pink
  • Small Unrigged Black/Purple
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Islamorada Flyer | Flying Fish Lure with Wings | Small or Large

  • Sale
  • Regular price $19.99
  • Islamorada Flyer trolling lures are an innovative flying fish lure
  • Available in Black/Purple, Pink or Blue
  • Pops off your wake and back down, much like a flying fish 
  • Lightweight composite head with Mylar wings and skirt
    • Single skirt on small size
    • Double skirt on large size
  • Small size lure is approximately 4.5-6 inches long
  • Large size lure is approximately 6-7 inches long
  • Looks just like a juvenile flying fish, the kind that pelagic species feed on!
  • Available with or without rigging
    • Rigged lures come with an egg weight in head and stainless J hook on 6' of clear mono leader
      • Small: 1/4 oz egg weight, 7/0 stainless Epic hook
      • Large: 3/8 oz egg weight, 8/0 stainless Epic hook
  • Lure weight - small .5oz - large 1.15 oz

Islamorada Flyer trolling Lures are the most realistic flying fish on the market today.

Flying Fish lures are always a popular option for anglers targeting Mahi, Tuna, and Billfish.  The Islamorada Flyer takes that popularity and dials the realism up a couple of notches!  These things are hands down the most realistic flying fish trolling lure we've seen.  The lures are very light, so they dance off your wake nicely, emulating the way a flying fish jumps in and out of the water.  Oversized eyes closely resemble those of a flyer, and the skirt color/wing combo is perfect.

We offer these American-made lures rigged or unrigged.  Our rigged option consists of a small egg weight with a stainless J hook on mono leader.  However, you could rig these for ballyhoo if you wanted to, creating a bigger bait presentation that would be dead on for a larger flying fish.  

Here at The Tackle Room, we see lures every day, and it's a rare thing for us to get as excited about a new product as we were when the Islamorada Flyer came through our door.  You'll be equally excited adding these to your arsenal and catching fish with them.

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