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Hookup Baits Tube Jig

Hookup Baits Tube Jig

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📰 Product Description

  • Hookup Baits tube jigs work great for catching bass, trout, redfish (drum), yellowtails, calicos, even bailer dolphin and smaller size tuna species
  • Unique design features an internal jighead that is keel weighted
    • Allows the bait to dart and swim naturally
    • Awesome presentation
    • Each soft plastic tube jig is pre-rigged
  • Fish off the bottom, cast and retrieve, some folks even troll these slowly
  • Scented with garlic essence
  • Stocked in several colors and four sizes
    • 1/4, 3/8, 5/8, and 1.5 ounce
    • Pack sizes:
      • 1/4 ounce | 3 baits | 3" length
      • 3/8 ounce | 2 baits | 4" length
      • 5/8 ounce | 2 baits | 4" length
      • 1.5 ounce | 2 baits | 5" length
  • Made in USA

Hookup Baits are a West Coast staple, made in San Diego.

West Coast anglers have long held Hookup Baits in high esteem, and for good reason.  These durable, soft plastic tube jigs catch the heck out of fish.  They do an excellent job of mimicking a fleeing baitfish with a darting action that is irresistible.  

You'll find several bright, vibrant color options that match the hatch of many local fisheries.  We also stock 4 different weights for targeting various species.  Pack sizes vary with weight, please see the bullet points for a breakdown.

Prop 65 Label
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