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Hoo Knocker Jr. High Speed Wahoo Lure | Blue Water Candy

Hoo Knocker Jr. High Speed Wahoo Lure | Blue Water Candy

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📰 Product Description

  • The Hoo Knocker Jr. is a slightly smaller version of the standard Hoo Knocker
  • Machined brass head with rings that vibrate and make noise as the lure is trolled
    • Rings move freely on the collar of the lure
  • 14oz. chrome head
  • 6 Jets provide tons of "smoke" and exit behind the vibrating rings
  • Choose from durable squid skirts or flashy Mylar
  • Rigged on 480lb stainless cable
    • Double crimps
    • Single 10/0 SS hook for Mylar version, Double 10/0 SS hook for squid skirted version
  • Troll from 8-20 knots
  • Mylar version is 9" in length, skirted version is 14.5"
  • Head diameter is 1-1/4"
  • Free ground shipping included

The Hoo Knocker Jr. is an innovative high speed Wahoo lure.

Wahoo lures come in all shapes and sizes, with a lot of copies and imitations out there, but the Hoo Knocker Jr. is a true original.  The Hoo Knocker Jr. is a scaled down version of the standard Hoo Knocker.  You can pull this high speed lure from 8-20 knots without a trolling weight.  The bright chrome finish and electrifying colors stand on their own for catching Wahoo.  However, BWC took it a step further by adding 3 rings to the collar of this lure.  As water enters the jets on the front of the head, it exits behind the rings, producing sound and vibration for an added attractant.  Ultimately, this original design will help you land more and bigger Wahoo.

Blue Water Candy rigs the Hoo Knocker Jr. high speed trolling lure with proven 480 lb stainless steel aircraft cable.  You'll find a single 10/0 stainless hookset on the Mylar version and a double 10/0 on the squid skirt option - rated at a solid 900 lbs.

If you're tired of dragging the same old hunks of metal around the ocean, check out a Hoo Knocker Jr. for something a little different.

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