Hoo Knocker High Speed Wahoo Lure | Blue Water Candy

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Hoo Knocker High Speed Wahoo Lure | Blue Water Candy

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  • The Hoo Knocker is a deadly high speed Wahoo lure
  • Machined brass head with rings that vibrate and make noise as the lure is trolled
    • Rings move freely on the collar of the lure
  • 24oz. chrome head
  • 6 Jets provide tons of "smoke" and exit behind the vibrating rings
  • Choose from durable squid skirts or flashy Mylar
  • Rigged on 480lb stainless cable
    • Double crimps
    • Single 10/0 SS hook for Mylar version, Double 10/0 SS hook for squid skirted version
  • Troll from 8-20 knots
  • Mylar version is 9" in length, skirted version is 14.5"
  • Head diameter is 1-3/4"
  • Free ground shipping included

The Hoo Knocker is an innovative high speed Wahoo lure that catches big fish.

High speed trolling for Wahoo is one of the most popular pursuits in the world of offshore fishing.  Blue Water Candy has developed a truly innovative lure for all the high speed anglers out there.  The Hoo Knocker is a large lure that can be pulled from 8-20 knots, with no trolling weight necessary.  While the head shape and colors are enough to entice big Wahoo, but there's more to this lure than a pretty chrome head and 6 "smoke" producing jets.  The collar of the Hoo Knocker has 3 individual rings that vibrate as the lure is pulled through the water, producing sound as they move.  The jets actually exit behind these rings to help create more commotion, resulting in more hook ups and more fish in the box.  

Blue Water Candy rigs the Hoo Knocker high speed trolling lure with durable, 480 lb stainless steel cable.  The Mylar version of this bait features a single 10/0 hook, while the squid skirted version has a double 10/0 hookset - rated at 900lbs.  The hooks are stainless and purpose-built for the rigors of high speed trolling.  

If you're looking for a new high speed lure that will produce, look no further.  The Hoo Knocker fits the bill.

Prop 65 Label

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