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Foam Rod Cushion | Epic Fishing Co.

Foam Rod Cushion | Epic Fishing Co.

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📰 Product Description

  • Epic Foam Rod Cushion is a comfortable way to fight fish
  • Rod cushion is UV and Saltwater Resistant for long term durability
  • Lightweight floating design
  • Faster to use than traditional fighting belts
  • Comfortable foam padding eliminates pressure from fishing rod butts
  • Convenient drain hole prevents water build-up
  • Blue (Inshore/Nearshore): 
    • 5.75" overall length, 2.75" diameter at widest point
    • 1.19" rod opening
  • Black (Nearshore/Offshore):
    • 6.5" overall length, 3.25" diameter at widest point
    • 1.44" rod opening

An Epic Foam Rod Cushion is an affordable and comfortable way to fight fish without the fuss of a belt.

Listen, we get it...a fighting belt isn't for every angler. 

There's an inherent hassle to using one, when you just want to have a relaxing day on the water.  Half the time, somebody has to find the freakin' thing because it wasn't put back where it was suppose to be.  Then, you've got to get it adjusted to fit the angler that is fighting the fish - maybe your big ol' Aunt Martha was wearing it last and you need to cinch it down for your cousin Randy, the vegan...that'll take some time.  Now, you may have already lost the fish of a lifetime before the fight even began.

A foam rod cushion like this may be a better solution for your use.  They're lightweight, require no adjustment, can store in a cupholder, and they still make a big impact when it comes to fishing comfort.  Best of all, Epic makes these things affordable enough to buy a few and stash on the boat.  Skip the hassle and spend more time catching fish!

Prop 65 Label

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