Diamond Illusion Fluorocarbon Leader Material

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Diamond Illusion Fluorocarbon Leader Material

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  • Regular price $10.99
  • Diamond Illusion Fluoro Leader is the newest development in high-end fluorocarbon fishing leader
  • Nearly matches the refractivity index of saltwater, becoming virtually invisible in water
  • Ideal for making stealth bait presentation
  • Incredibly low memory
  • Great knot strength
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • See diameters and package sizes below
  • Pictures are representative of package style, please select weight from drop down menu

Diamond Illusion Fluorocarbon Leader is the latest evolution of refined leader material.

We've all experienced those days when fish are just plain leader shy - some species are every day!  Diamond Illusion Fluorocarbon Leader Material is the latest weapon to give you a leg up on those finnicky fish. 

Diamond took the proven success of their renowned Presentation Fluorocarbon and improved upon the design.  This new leader material is thinner for its given breaking strength and is more abrasion-resistant.  Those are arguably the two most important factors when choosing a Fluoro leader.  

You'll find that this leader all but disappears in the water, making it easier to catch what you're after, whether it's Tuna in the canyons or Trout in the sound.  

Sizes 20 lb through 80 lb come on 25 yard wrist spools, 100 lb through 180 lb are sold in 100 ft coils.  

20lb - .39 mm. - 25 yard wrist spool

25lb - .46 mm  - 25 yard wrist spool

30lb - .51 mm  - 25 yard wrist spool

40lb - .61 mm  - 25 yard wrist spool

50lb - .65 mm  - 25 yard wrist spool

60lb - .750 mm  - 25 yard wrist spool

80lb - .860 mm  - 25 yard wrist spool

100lb - .99 mm  - 100 ft coil in bag

130lb - 1.11 mm  - 100 ft coil in bag

150lb - 1.22 mm  - 100 ft coil in bag

180lb - 1.33 mm  - 100 ft coil in bag

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