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  • Stainless Steel Heavy Crane Swivel Kit from Epic contains the following terminal tackle:
    • SS Crane Swivels (No Snap):
      • 180lb x 20
      • 220lb x 20
      • 310lb x 20
      • 500lb x 10
      • 600lb x 10
    • SS Crane Swivels with Tournament Snap:
      • 200lb x 10
      • 250lb x 10
      • 300lb x 10
      • 550lb x 5
      • 700lb x 5
  • Epic stainless steel crane swivels are smaller than most and incredibly strong
  • Stainless steel construction is three times stronger than brass
    • Comes in convenient, compact storage box (6.74" x 4" x .75)

    Stainless steel heavy crane swivel kit is a solid mix of heavy duty terminal tackle.

    Looking for an assortment of stainless crane swivels that's on the heavier side, but won't break the bank?  We've got you covered.

    This stainless terminal tackle kit contains 120 pieces of high quality crane swivels, both with and without tournament snaps.  All of this gear is neatly contained in a compact clear plastic box that won't take up ton of room in your tackle bag or console.  Best of all, you can save a fair amount with this kit, vs. purchasing it all separately.  

    Prop 65 Label

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