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  • Clarkspoon Flashspoons have Mylar flash tape for a little something extra
  • Proven to catch Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Bonita, Stripers, and more
  • Affordable, durable, effective, and easy to use lures
  • Strong stainless steel saltwater hooks
  • We recommend trolling them behind a small trolling weight or planer
    • Most folks use 3-4oz of weight or a number 1 or 2 planer with some fluorocarbon leader.
  • Assembled in the USA with foreign and domestic components
  • Choose from a variety of popular colors in sizes 00-2
    • Size 00 - 2/0 SALTWATER HOOK - 2" BLADE LENGTH
    • Size 0 - 2/0 SALTWATER HOOK - 2.5" BLADE LENGTH
    • Size 1 - 5/0 SALTWATER HOOK - 3" BLADE
    • Size 2 - 6/0 SALTWATER HOOK - 3.5" BLADE

Clarkspoon Flashspoons light up the water, grabbing the attention of nearby predators.

Clarkspoon Flashspoons work just like the traditional Clarkspoon lures that you know and love, but with the added flash of Mylar tape.  This flashy tape looks like the scales of a bait fish in the water and helps to add a little extra something to your presentation.  These popular lures are assembled in the USA with foreign and domestic components, including durable, stainless steel hooks.  Like clockwork, you can count on Flashspoon trolling spoons to produce year after year.  Most Mackerel species, Bluefish, Stripers, Bonita, and more will absolutely pile on these lures - turning a day of fishing into a day of catching.  Best of all, they're affordable, so you can stock up without breaking the bank!

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Billy G. - 4/17/20

Awesome service and great prices! Thanks guys!

Mike W. - 5/28/20

What makes the tackle room different is the personalized shopping experience. You get real expert advice on your purchase, rigging, and use. They are innovative but understand what is time tested and works. The products have always arrived quickly and exactly like you’d want.

Sam M. - 5/28/20

The Tackle Room ships faster and follows up better than anywhere else. When preparing for an upcoming trip, The Tackle Room is the place I turn to with confidence that I will get what I need on time.