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Clarkspoon Bubble Buster Bubble Rig | Weighted Spoon

Clarkspoon Bubble Buster Bubble Rig | Weighted Spoon

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📰 Product Description

  • Clarkspoon Bubble Buster is a color matched bubble rig for casting just about anywhere
  • Works well from beach, pier, or boat
  • Adjust cast-ability and buoyancy in water by filling bubble cavity with water
  • Weighted spoon provides extra fish-catching action
  • Inexpensive and fun to fish
  • Durable, stainless steel saltwater hook
  • Pre-rigged with 40lb monofilament
  • Assembled in the USA with foreign and domestic components
  • Bubble is 2.5" long, spoon is a size 0 | 2/0 saltwater hook - 2.5" blade - 3/8oz total spoon weight - 1/4oz egg sinker | 2x #7 stainless crane swivels 
  • Overall length is 36"

Bubble Rigs with matching weighted Original Clarkspoons are a fun combo for all kinds of fishing.

Are you a nearshore angler, looking for something new to try?  Sure, casting jigs are great, spoons are all but automatic, and there are several other nearshore staples that we all know and love.  However, the Bubble Buster from Clarkspoon brings a whole new angle to inshore/nearshore fishing.  Whether you're slayin' 'em from the pier, beach, or your boat, you can use this pre-rigged bubble rig set-up with ease.  The included weighted Clarkspoon works great on its own, but you'll also find that you can really dial in your success rate by adjusting the amount of water in the bubble - this changes the weight and buoyancy, as well as how far you're able to cast.

Try something different this fishing season, you might just have a secret weapon on your hands!

Prop 65 Label

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