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Axis Junior | Stainless Steel Trolling Lure | Epic Fishing Co.

Axis Junior | Stainless Steel Trolling Lure | Epic Fishing Co.

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📰 Product Description

  • Epic Axis Jr. is a high polish stainless steel trolling lure
  • Double skirted w/ Epic UV 8" lure skirts
  • Great for Mahi and Wahoo
  • Troll this offshore lure from 7 to 12 knots
    • Fishes well with or without trolling weight
  • Rigged on six feet of 480 lb stainless steel cable
    • Single hook stiff rig
    • 8/0 Stainless southern Tuna hook
    • Lure Dimensions:
      • 9.25" overall length
      • 6 ounce weight
      • 2.5" head length
      • 6.75" skirt length
      • .75" head diameter at widest point
    • Rigged in the USA

    Epic Axis Jr. is a scaled down version of the popular full size Axis Trolling Lure.

    The Epic Axis has been one of our most popular trolling lures for a while now.  The durable, high-polish heads are great for targeting Wahoo.  We figured a scaled down version would be great for Mahi (dolphin) and Wahoo, and is something that light tackle anglers could enjoy.

    Axis Jr. takes the same cool look and quality rigging of the full size version and packs it into a compact package.  These small stainless steel trolling lures are designed to be effective, while also being affordable and easy to fish.

    Rigging of these lures is performed in North Carolina  

    Prop 65 Label

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