Collection: Lures and Teasers

Fish Razr

Dredges are engineered with cutting-edge technology to deliver unmatched strength and durability, ensuring you reel in the big ones with confidence.

The Original Clarkspoon

are built with decades of experience. The extreme sensitivity allows you to feel every nibble, twitch, and bite with precision. Using Original Trolling Spoons, Stick Jigs and more will give the inshore fisherman the edge to trick that fish to bite.

Blue Water Candy

BWC hand builds their tackle using military veterans. Providing our vets with amazing jobs after their service is a great service to our country. We are proud to carry the best tackle that Bluewater Candy offers. 

Epic Fishing Co & Tackle Room Fishing Supply

Our brand Epic has billfish lures, sea-witches, and trolling lures. The components we use are selected by generational master captains and career sportfish fisherman. There is a vibrance in our nylon sea witch hair that makes it the best in the industry. If you want dull hair shop somewhere else.