Tackle Room License Plate

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Tackle Room License Plate

  • Sale
  • Regular price $7.99
  • Great way to let people know you support your local online tackle shop
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Slate grey with blue and teal accents looks great on (almost) any vehicle
  • 4 mounting holes
  • Standard 6" x 12" size
  • Email us a picture of it on your vehicle, let us use the pic on social media or our site, and we'll refund the purchase price

The Tackle Room License Plate - so much cooler than the one you and your old lady got airbrushed at the state fair back in '99 

To be 100% transparent, we never thought we'd sell license plates on the site.  In fact, we really didn't have plans to make them.  However, we've grown tired of driving around with gigantic Tackle Room stickers on our trucks.  The lack of anonymity made us think twice about driving aggressively, and when you live in a tourist town, you're gonna need to drive aggressively from time to time.  Now, we can still feel like we're representing our company, while being a little more undercover.  

When we were looking at the cost to have custom plates made, they got a lot cheaper as you added quantity.  With this in mind, we said "what the h-e-double hockey sticks, let's get a bunch of 'em made".  So, here we are...two dudes with a bunch of license plates.  We'd like to make an offer to you, our loyal customer - if you purchase one of these plates and send us a picture of it on your vehicle (that you allow us to use on social media), we'll refund you the purchase price (and shipping if it's all that was on your order).  

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