Savage Gear 3D Swim Squid

  • Green Eye
  • Brown
  • Pink Glow
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  • $6.25
  • Regular price $12.50
  • Savage Gear 3D Swim Squid are super-realistic
  • Durable, flexible, TPE bodies
  • Innovative 2 part design
  • Lifelike design, including cups on the tentacles
  • Very flexible fins
  • 10" length - 3.2oz weight
  • Line-thru design for easy rigging
  • Natural squid scent
  • Sold individually - picture shows coloring on top and bottom of squid

Savage Gear 3D Swim Squid are as close to a real squid as you'll find.

Known for their incredible attention to detail, Savage Gear really knocked it out of the park with the 3D Swim Squid.  These innovative squid bodies are unbelievably lifelike, with the tiny details that can make all the difference.  You'll be surprised to see the tiny little cupped tentacles that also move freely to improve your bait presentation.  These lures have awesome colors, squid scent, and that lifelike appearance to really stand out in a sea full of rubber squid.

Prop 65 Label

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