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The Tackle Room

  • FlexSafe Biometric Fingerprint Lock is a great way to secure your dock box, firearms, or other storage without the need for issuing keys
  • Stores up to 10 different fingerprints
  • Very strong, compact lock
  • 4 cables are included - Travel, Heavy Duty, Sport, Bike
  • USB rechargeable - one charge nets 1000 unlocks
  • IP66 water and dust resistance for long term durability
  • Corrosion resistant Zinc alloy construction
  • 2.8 oz weight

FlexSafe Biometric Fingerprint Lock eliminates the need for keys, saving time and boosting security.

The FlexSafe Biometric Fingerprint Lock is an awesome innovation in the world of security.  These compact locks work great to secure dock boxes, firearms, tackle storage, or just about anything else that you'd typically secure with a padlock or cable lock.  With its easy to use USB charging system, you'll get 1000 unlocks out of a single charge, meaning you could likely charge the lock once per year for normal use.  Another great feature of these fingerprint locks is the fact that they store up to 10 fingerprints.  This means that if you've got a crew on your boat that may need to access something like your dock box, you can store a print for each person.  Need to remove access?  Just delete the print - no more worries about changing locks or retrieving keys.  With its superior dust and water resistance, coupled with first rate security, this product is a true upgrade over traditional locks.

Recent Customer Feedback

Billy G. - 4/17/20

Awesome service and great prices! Thanks guys!

Mike W. - 5/28/20

What makes the tackle room different is the personalized shopping experience. You get real expert advice on your purchase, rigging, and use. They are innovative but understand what is time tested and works. The products have always arrived quickly and exactly like you’d want.

Sam M. - 5/28/20

The Tackle Room ships faster and follows up better than anywhere else. When preparing for an upcoming trip, The Tackle Room is the place I turn to with confidence that I will get what I need on time.