Fish Scaler FJ Neil 519

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The Tackle Room

  • Fish Scaler by FJ Neil is 9" in length
  • Comfortable rubber handle is soft to the touch
  • Works great for freshwater and saltwater fish species

Leave no scale behind with the FJ Neil fish scaler.

The 9" Fish Scaler from FJ Neil is a simple enough animal.  A soft rubber handle helps you maintain grip, and a toothy blade helps to remove the scales.  Use this scale remover on saltwater and freshwater species of your choosing.  Made in China.



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Billy G. - 4/17/20

Awesome service and great prices! Thanks guys!

Mike W. - 5/28/20

What makes the tackle room different is the personalized shopping experience. You get real expert advice on your purchase, rigging, and use. They are innovative but understand what is time tested and works. The products have always arrived quickly and exactly like you’d want.

Sam M. - 5/28/20

The Tackle Room ships faster and follows up better than anywhere else. When preparing for an upcoming trip, The Tackle Room is the place I turn to with confidence that I will get what I need on time.