C&H Lures Rigged and Ready Six Pack

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  • C&H Lures Rigged and Ready Six Pack features six proven lures
    • Quantity 2 Rattle Jet
    • Quantity 2 Tuna Tango
    • Quantity 2 Lil' Stubby
  • Handy mesh storage bag included
  • 7/0 Mustad hook
  • 6 feet of 100lb Grand Slam leader
  • AFW crane swivel to eliminate line twist
  • Great for targeting Sailfish, Tuna, Mahi, and other Pelagic game fish
  • Troll from 5 to 7 knots

Enjoy more fishing and less rigging with a C&H Lures 6 Pack.

Let's face it, we all love fishing - you likely wouldn't be on this site if you weren't into saltwater fishing.  However, while the fishing part is fun, picking lures and rigging them can be a chore at times.  This convenient six pack from C&H Lures takes the guesswork out of it and offers anglers an easy to use assortment of proven lures.  Are you going to go out and catch a grander with these?  Probably not.  Can you go out and load the cooler with some Dolphin, Blackfin, maybe catch a Sailfish?  Absolutely.  This pre-rigged trolling lure assortment is a great option for anglers starting out or in need of an easy to fish mix of lures.

Prop 65 Label

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