AquaVault 100% Waterproof Floating Phone Case and Money Pouch

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The Tackle Room

  • AquaVault Waterproof Phone Case floats and maintains 100% functionality of your device

  • Fits all major phone brands and models

  • Allows you to take crystal clear pics and videos underwater

  •  Dual air bladders to ensure flotation

  • Triple seal design prevents leaks

  •  Corners are reinforced for drop protection

  •  Convenient neck strap

  •  7.25” x 4.25” x 0.5" Weighs 4.1oz

AquaVault Waterproof Floating Phone Case keeps your device secure and 100% functional, even underwater.

The AquaVault Waterproof Floating Phone Case is a major step forward for those who like to use their phones on the boat or at the beach.  These durable cases have all the features necessary to protect your expensive phone - dust and water protection, impact protection, floating design, and a handy neck strap so you won't lose it.  One of our favorite things about this case is that it allows you to take crystal clear pics and videos underwater, much more affordably than a dedicated underwater housing.  Even better, when you upgrade or change phones, you won't have to get a new case as the AquaVault phone case is universal.  The dual air chambers keep things afloat, and the unique rolling ziploc system keeps out water, snow, dust, sand and rain.  You can even talk on the phone with this case on it!  

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Billy G. - 4/17/20

Awesome service and great prices! Thanks guys!

Mike W. - 5/28/20

What makes the tackle room different is the personalized shopping experience. You get real expert advice on your purchase, rigging, and use. They are innovative but understand what is time tested and works. The products have always arrived quickly and exactly like you’d want.

Sam M. - 5/28/20

The Tackle Room ships faster and follows up better than anywhere else. When preparing for an upcoming trip, The Tackle Room is the place I turn to with confidence that I will get what I need on time.