Accusharp Diamond Paddle Sharpener

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  • The Accusharp Diamond Paddle Sharpener is dual sided
    • One side is coarse for initial sharpening
    • Opposite side is fine for honing and finishing your edge
  • Comfortable folding handle design
  • Stores inside of itself and is just 5 inches long folded up

Accusharp Diamond Paddle Sharpener is easy to use and store.

The Diamond Paddle Sharpener from Accusharp is a handy way to keep your cutting implements sharp and ready to use.  Its dual sided design features coarse and fine grinding stones to knock down larger imperfections and hone a blade to a razor sharp edge.  You'll find this is a great sharpener to keep in your tool box or tackle bag as it folds into itself and takes up very little room.  The handles are comfortable and easy to grip, ensuring safe sharpening.  We recommend you use caution with this and anything else that relates to sharp objects.

Prop 65 Label

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