Fishing Hats

Fishing Hats is a very ambiguous term.  Any hat you wear while fishing instantly becomes a fishing hat.

Fishing Hats from The Tackle Room come in one style.  Only. One. Style.  We stock snapback hats with logos on the front and we carry a beanie for winter.  Sure, lots of other companies have fancy hats with gills and fins and capes and speed holes, but we prefer to keep it simple.  Our hats are the kind you can wear offshore all day and then wear to the bar or dinner afterwards without people thinking you’re going on safari.  We don’t have any hats with special fibers or UV protection, except for the bill.  When the bill covers part of your face in shade, that’s UV protection, isn’t it?  All jokes aside, we probably need to work on our hat selection.  Saltwater fishing hats have come a long way and there are a lot of good options out there for anglers seeking UV protection.  Now I just feel like a jerk for writing this product description all tongue in cheek.  Sorry about that.

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