Daisy Chains

Daisy Chains Fishing Offshore

Daisy Chains for big game fishing put monster fish in the boat

Daisy Chains are a must-have when trolling for big pelagics.  You can use daisy chains as a teaser, or with a hook.  Either way, they’re a great way to bring big fish into your spread.  We have off the shelf, stock chains, and we can make you the chain of your dreams with our custom daisy chain builder.  We use Squidnation squid and top notch rigging components like Momoi leader in our chains.  Because of this, you get a long-lasting product that puts fish in the boat.

There are tons of cheap, no name chains on the market.  The thing about these is that they just don’t last.  The squid get cloudy, the mono is super brittle or yellow, and often the hardware isn’t even stainless.  The chains we offer may be a little bit more expensive, but they’re going to last long after the cheap chains are gone.

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