Tuna Lures

Tuna Lures – What You Need to Slay the Chicken of the Sea

Tuna lures are one of the most popular lure categories in the world.  This is due to several factors: Tuna are a blast to catch, they taste great, and they put up a great fight.  Because of this, we stock popular tuna lures from Laceration Lures, Joe Shute Lures, Bost, Blue Water Candy, and more.  In addition to lures for Tuna, we can rig your lures in-house with the proper hooksets and leaders for your applications.  This service saves you time and money.  We also have a growing selection of dredges and teasers that work great for tuna fishing.  Brands like Squidnation, Blue Water Candy, and Fish Razr fill out that category.

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