Mahi Mahi Lures

Mahi Mahi Lures for offshore fishing fun

Mahi Mahi Lures come in many shapes and sizes.  There isn’t “one” definitive lure for catching Dolphin.  Sea witches, Dolphin Weenies, small plugs, even spoons will catch them.  However, most anglers have a personal preference.

The biggest component of catching Mahi Mahi is finding them.  Use bright or natural colored Mahi baits for maximum success.  We recommend Laceration Lures, Joe Shute Lures, Epic, Mastermind Custom Lures, Blue Water Candy, and Fat Cow Jig Strips for Mahi catching.  All of our Mahi fishing lures are available with in-house or Blue Water Candy rigging.  Our TLD 25 Combos are a sure fire set-up for catching Mahi Mahi as well.

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