Pre-rigged Leaders

Pre-Rigged Leaders for fishing save time and hassle.

We’ve got ’em from bottom fishing to big game trolling

Pre-Rigged Leaders make it easy to get out on the water and catch some fish.  It’s cool rigging up your own stuff, but sometimes you just can’t justify taking the time.  We know how it goes, you’ve got a full time job, wife, kids, household responsibilities, etc.  Sometimes, you just want to slide the lure over the ballyhoo rig and go drag it around the ocean.  Everyone deserves the convenience pre-made leaders offer.  Back in the day, anything out of the box was suspect.  However, now, there are some great options for top quality production leaders.  We stock deep drop rigs, ballyhoo rigs, and bottom fishing rigs from top brands like Blue Water Candy and R&R.

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